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Wine in English: the winemaking process

by Giovanni Cecchini | | | 0 Comments

Wine in English: the winemaking process.

I decided to put some short English wine lessons online.

In reality it is a question of addressing topics concerning wine and that we can use to talk to our foreign friends. 

il vino in Inglese







The process that I have drawn for simplicity is divided into 7 phases 


Harvest: The harvest of grapes for a particular wine or from a particular vineyard when the grapes are ripe.

Crushing: This process consists of gently breaking the skins of the grapes to release their juices in an oil mill.

Fermentation: One of the most important aspects of the winemaking process - is what converts grape juice into wine.


Aging: After fermentation, technically the wine was produced but this is only the beginning of the vinification. It has to go through aging and the other procedures that are carried out in the cellar.

Refinement in the bottle
Once the process is finished, the wine is bottled. Before putting it on the market, the wine still has to go through the final stage of the winemaking process: aging in the bottle





In the next short lesson we will delve into the world of combinations.

Cheers to you.







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