The search for wineries in Lombardy

Do you know what Valtenesi is?

A happy Saturday to find excellent products to share! Yesterday we stopped at Lake Garda in Valtenesi for the “Cantina Zatti Open Day” and we take the opportunity to organize one of our adventures. The landscape is breathtaking green, hilly, very hot and the lake is the silent protagonist at the center of the scene.
We are attracted to Podere dei Folli as if by a magnet when we find it in the Federation of Independent Winegrowers.
Zenzero is in a country chic version and laughs, as usual he knows when we have arrived and signals it to us with an excitement that is more an urgency to get off and explore.
The winery is in Puegnago del Garda (hamlet of Mura), a characteristic village on the Brescia side of the lake located on the morainic hills of Valtenesi, a fertile land that produces wine and oil.
Davide welcomes us with a warm smile in a splendid farmhouse and immediately makes us feel at home.
He tells us about the winery founded by his grandfather bis Pietro. Grandfather Andrea then took care of it, who still oversees everything from the farmyard, to continue a family tradition of farmers by birth. Noble, refined and true farmers for whom the earth is everything; it is indissoluble.
Over the years, like every company, they have felt the need to renew themselves without ever betraying the family heritage.
Grandfather first and then father passed on this great passion to him.
No chemical additives or other substances that alter the taste; when a wine, he tells us, is good it does not need any of this. Its natural taste and its aromas will capture you and make you live an authentic taste experience. He explains that the morainic soil gives the products a savory note and compared to the neighboring docs.
We fall in love with the Lillium called as a tribute to the Puegnago coat of arms, a very limited edition Manzoni method white wine. The "preafete" Chiaretto is of pleasant quality, savory with floral notes to follow makes us taste the Vegna a groppello in purity. Groppello is the historic grape variety of the area and it surprises us is a delicate red with a very pleasant bitter almond finish. We believe that this grape must be rediscovered and promoted given the high quality of the aromatic spectrum. We will insert it in the GeMiTo selection to make you feel a new emotion.
Throughout the tasting, little Sara keeps us company, the grandmother checks the operations and the cat Leone tries to understand if we will take it.
We move to Calvagese della Riviera to go to Zatti's open day, the winery is in the center in a courtyard full of people.
We met Giovanni Zatti at the Polpenazze wine fair and he explained to us “la Valtenesi” his doc and his family history. His father traded wine but he had taken a different path. The daughter then brought him back on the wine route thankfully. Giovanni's simple enthusiasm is contagious like the taste of GEP his Rhenish Riesling, one glass leads to another fresh, citrusy, summery, mineral.All his wines have a pleasant freshness, for example Sadrjolè a classic rosé method that presents a very fine perlage.
Around the tasting counter we laugh, exchange opinions and above all we drink.
At the end it is 20 and we have to "make do" for dinner; the possibility of finding a place on the street excites us and with an absolutely casual method we go to the “trattoria del gallo” in Rovato. The “GeMiTo random” method works; historic inn with an exceptional wine list and impeccable service from the young staff. The menu is local and the beef in oil is remarkable, they also give us insides on small Franciacorta realities, who knows if this is not the beginning of a new research!
At this point, Zenzero pretends to sleep and we head home very satisfied: new quality wines to offer, wonderful encounters and an idea for the next stage ....

research continues in Lombardy.

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