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the cellars: Uva Matris

We met them with open bottles and we immediately noticed them for the earthen cans of color that they brought next to their wine. The awareness that the 

The name uva matris is dedicated to the grandmother AURIORA, forefather of the winemakers and also refers to the mother earth. 


Barbera, Nebbiolo and Chardonnay and Merlot are treated with care and dedication.



The company

The estate is located in Sala Monferrato and is located on the top of a gentle hill at about 264 meters above sea level, and has 4 hectares planted with vineyards.

The calcareous-marly soil, white, light gray or beige in color, rich in calcium carbonate, combined with the optimal exposure of our vineyards and low production yields, ensure optimal conditions for the production of wines of extreme quality.

Among landscapes full of charm, which host a viticulture and a fine enology, we entrust our native vines to the best Piedmontese peasant tradition.



Monferrato is a historical and geographical region of Piedmont that extends into the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, from the river Po to the Ligurian Apennines. Our estate, Cascina San Pietro, is located in the lower Monferrato, a hilly area which, thanks to the climate influenced by both the presence of the Alps and the sea, represents an ideal area for growing grapes.

In fact, the landscape represents a mixture of hills and plains, which also leave plenty of space for wild areas, meadows and woods. These territorial peculiarities mean that, according to the seasons, the landscape takes on the most varied shades of colors, from the white of the slopes covered with snow in winter, to the first pale green and gradually more intense, dotted with chromatic stains of the houses and crops. , up to the golden reds and yellows of the autumn vines.


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