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Questions about wine: what will the wine of the future be like? Trends of 2020

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Even in the world of wine, small revolutions are taking place in the business models and varieties proposed.

It is under everyone's eye, especially after COVID, that we need to rethink the sales channels and distribution, in a business such as wine that still has ample room for growth.

The new trends are the vegan or low alcohol wines of Orange wine; but also of canned wine and the new BYOB phenomenon. 


But let's see in detail what are the trends in the wine sector for 2020

  • RTD / canned wines

The global RTD market for alcoholic beverages has been estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.32% from 2019-2027, according to Inkwood Research, and wine sold in cans will play a role important in this.
One of the main driving forces behind canned wine are millennials. The convenience of canned wines sold in small doses, along with the environmental benefits of the recyclability of cans over glass bottles, are the main reasons.
Among the emerging start-ups which, as the name suggests, sells a mimosa
GeMiTo: nuovi modelli di business nel vino
Sparkling Wine + Real Juice: It's That Simple.
Earlier this year, British start-up Nice launched a rosé and sauvignon blanc which were launched in 600 Sainsbury stores. Canned wines hitting supermarket shelves are a clear indicator that this trend is on the rise this year.
  • Low alcohol and alcohol free

Late last year, alcoholic beverage giant Diageo identified alcohol and no-alcohol consumption as the number one trend for 2019. As consumers are moving towards healthier lifestyles, there is a growing number of people trying to reduce alcohol consumption. Offering low or no alcohol options doesn't necessarily appeal only to the health conscious, it also has the potential to appeal to consumers more broadly by expanding their choice.
 From BrewDog launching low-alcohol craft beer to Asahi introducing 0.0% non-alcoholic beer to the UK, the beer category has taken the lead in this trend. But the world of wine is also on the move, with the launch of the sparklingly Sober fizzy beverage brand in January 2019, with brands starting to offer an alcohol-free alternative to sparkling wine.
In Italy, the market is struggling to take off, and operators have little faith in it. Among the producers there are Bosca and Iris Vigneti and Astoria Vini which created its first low-alcohol sparkling wine, 9.5 Cold Wine,
Furthermore, a few years ago ZEROALCOL was born in Rovereto (TN), which sells non-alcoholic beverages based on non-alcoholic wine, beer or bitters without alcohol and other non-alcoholic beverages.


  • Cannabis infusions 

While alcohol consumption among young consumers has reportedly decreased, an increase in CBD drinks has been evident over the past year. The growing legalization of cannabis in the United States has led the trend of cannabis wines across the nation.
So far we have seen various US brands, such as Rebel Coast Winery, selling cannabinoid-infused wine. But like most other cannabis-based wines, this innovative wine does not contain alcohol.
In September 2018, the state of California passed Assembly Bill 2914 that prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages combined with cannabinoids, which could set a precedent and pave the way for alcohol-free wine in 2019.
canaviIn Italy we launched the first cannabis wine in Europe: comes from the Marche, it's called Canavì (name not original, but at least effective) and is made with Verdicchio - the white grape variety typical of the region of Central Italy - and Canapa Sativa. To launch it on the market there Monte Schiavo winery together withGreen Hemp Company, which together have joined efforts for a 100% made in Marche wine. The Green Hemp company, in fact, cultivates hemp in the Marche region for textile and food purposes.

From <>

  • Vegan wines

There is no doubt that consumer demand for plant-based products has recently increased.
THEVegan wine is a wine that does not contain any substances of animal origin and which is produced with processes that exclude the use of any substance of animal origin.
During the winemaking process, egg whites and some fish products are traditionally used to clarify the wine before bottling.
To answer consumer demand, vegan wines, fined with non-animal agents such as clay-based bentonite, are becoming increasingly popular. Supermarkets have certainly followed this trend, for example retailer Marks & Spencer now has over 384 wine options for vegans.
In Italy there is no real certification even if there are many product offers on the market. Most of the wines we deal with are.


  • Sustainability

Arguably, one of the biggest recent food and beverage trends has seen brands move towards more environmentally friendly decisions in order to align with consumer concerns about sustainability.


One way the wine industry has responded to this phenomenon is manifesting itself in the growth of winemakers moving towards renewable energy. In late 2018, Pernod Ricard Winemakers announced their commitment to sourcing 100% renewable electricity in Australia by mid-2019. Other big names in the industry, such as Australian Vintage, are making similar moves by purchasing energy from solar and wind farms.


Packaging is another area where the industry has made sustainable decisions. Garçon Wines, which this year won a World Food Innovation Award for packaging design, has created a flat wine bottle made of 100% recycled and fully recyclable PET.

Wine is a sustainable element par excellence, as it does not require water.

As far as GeMiTo is concerned, attention to the environment is our mantra and guides all our actions and strategic choices. 

GeMiTo contributes in its small way to the reduction of the environmental impact.

    • We purchase and research products exclusively in our territories; Genoa, Milan and Turin. This guarantees you a careful and continuous selection of wines.
    • Our producers use only their grapes, avoiding unnecessary movements and giving us the opportunity to know exactly what we make you drink.
    • We ship directly from the cellars: with the promo #dallavignaacasatua we deliver free of charge throughout Italy in 24/28 hours 
    • We compensate shipments with Offset, protect forests and contribute to the fight against climate change

Offset calculates the cost of offsetting emissions and uses your funds to protect forests.

Through Offset, contributions are funding the Jarí Para REDD + Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project in the Amazon rainforest, a Pachama-certified Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project.


On our blog the article on the environmental impact of a bottle of wine



What does B.Y.O.B. mean? It consists of bringing your own bottles of wine to the restaurant. It is not yet another gimmick of the stingy customer, on the contrary it is a practice, especially widespread in the USA, UK and Australia, which allows customers BYOB come sarà il vino del futuro GeMiToaccompany the restaurant dishes with your favorite wines (which are not necessarily present in the wine list). The right to cork is often provided for a sum paid to the restaurateur corresponding to the service, uncorking, washing glasses and decanters, BYOB restaurants are generally those that do not have a license to sell alcohol, so the structure allows guests to bring your own wine. However, classic restaurateurs may also introduce themed nights or BYOB events
  • Subscriptions and wine clubs;

I love business model research and use the business model canvas as a continuous guide in GeMiTo's strategy.

For this I am always looking for news and research e 

  • VINEBOX sends nine wines every 3 months of selected wines in single glass portions.
  • WINC: Winc Wine Club members receive four wines a month, one for each week! New members take a six-question quiz to help the company gauge your tastes. After trying a bottle, you can evaluate it to improve your experience.
  • FISTLEAF: A wine club that gets better with every box? Firstleaf employs wine experts whose job is to find new varieties that suit your tastes. Customers rate their bottles after consumption, and the company's system uses these ratings to cure the next box based on their palate. 

 Do you know the Gemito subscription formulas? Discover them now!

OTHER INTERESTING SITES It proposes a wine aerator that dispenses a single glass of wine.





What will the wine of the future be like? What are the trends for 2020?




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"The wine of the future will have to come out of fashion and maintain the relationship between man and territory, going to enhance the land that the farmer is in his hands.


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I see wine in the future more and more “accessible to everyone”, Smart and communicated / sold online. The world of wine is losing its austerity by becoming within the reach of a larger portion of the population.
all very nice, only problem? There is a risk of trivializing a product that has always played a part in its "intrinsic magic" made up of mystery, knowledge, exclusivity



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"Vegan wines
Low alcohol content: if we are around 10.5 / 11, that's fine, they are easier for everyone to appreciate and the bottle reaches the end with ease and then fewer contraindications
Orange wine although there are few that are really good at making them
Canned wine I bud
Byob I do not agree because if you want your wine to taste it at home or with friends, you must respect the work of the restaurateur and his choice of the wine list "



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"I believe there will be an ever greater gap between those who make true quality and those who don't. The choice of bottling in bibs, cans or other I believe is a trend that some companies do well to take advantage of if it allows them to have an economic return, certainly no one expects that they can be wines of particular value. BYOB, on the other hand, is a phenomenon that has existed abroad for years and I find it a very interesting cultural trend, a real change for us Italians, but I think that restaurateurs should take it into account and try to play with it a little, perhaps proposing ad hoc menus. or small dedicated events. "


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"Credo that small businesses are developing both thanks to consumers who are increasingly attentive and eager to experiment with new products and thanks to products that literally become "fashionable". It will be up to posterity to decide which trends will last over time. I am convinced that some great classics will remain timeless."


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Hard to say, honestly. Honestly we are not big fans of BYOB ... in our opinion we deem it disrespectful to the restaurant and it destroys the market. Of course, on the other hand, the restaurateur must apply honest prices, because those who drink a minimum of wine immediately notice the large price difference ... For the rest we believe it is right to experiment and try new things, without losing sight of the essence of the wine produced up to now, which when it is produced as it should be unparalleled ... it will then be the consumer himself or the ability of the producer to determine the future flow in this area


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As for the wine of the future, I am very traditional. Obviously, I hear of all new techniques, cans, etc etc ... I remain faithful to the wine made in the vineyard and in the cellar, originally bottled and corked with cork. An incurable romantic? Maybe. But for me wine is also this, emotion. And I don't want to ruin an emotion just for the mere taste of "modernizing" the product. 😊 Orange Wine instead maybe we can talk about it but I still have to get closer to this world.



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