Questions about wine: how do you choose wine in 2020?

Jul 08 , 2020


Giovanni Cecchini

Questions about wine: how do you choose wine in 2020?

Today we inaugurate the column "questions about wine" which collects testimontestimonials from opinion leaders, influencers and wineries on the world of wine.


These are questions that our customers have asked us, the same for everyone, to answer  instinctively and in a few lines.

All the answers will then be published here and on social networks

Each post is therefore subject to changes over time to integrate the responses we receive. 

Below you will find our advice on how to choose the wine at the restaurant, taken from our blog.



The wine market in ITALY 

The data on the market in Italy are varied and have different reading lenses.

In a nutshell:

  • the demand for wine it is basically stop: you drink less but the audience of those who appreciate wine is enlarged
  • men drink more than women, even if the latter do so more responsibly, but also more professionally
  • you drink more red wine 
  • The boys are getting closer to wine, but the greatest penetration is noted in the 60 to 64 year old range
  • the offer it is net growth in terms of variety and references.
Carry below some data for those who want to learn more

In this context, the consumer is increasingly confused and has difficulty choosing.

Hence the need to understand how to choose wine.



How do you choose the wine you buy?

Or what you order at the restaurant?

What are the predominant factors which do not ignore the choice?


I drink a lot

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"I choose it based on various factors: I repeat a lucky purchase, I buy a bottle from a cellar that I appreciate, I follow the advice of friends, I buy in the cellar based on the sensations I have experienced, sometimes I buy at random!"

Elena Federica Di Ciolo

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"I choose wine for the home based on areas I want to learn more or dishes I intend to cook, maybe I ask for advice from some friend more experienced than me of that type. I always try to try new and different things to increase my culture.
I go to the restaurant a lot based on the dishes I have ordered and I usually choose alone unless I know the sommelier well and at that point I ask for advice "

Aurora Favuzza Sommelier

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"I choose wine during my visits to wineries. I buy maybe 1 bottle a year in a wine shop / supermarket or similar
At the restaurant I choose based on the style, preferring natural wines and then wine-growing areas that I know little about "
"As a professional sommelier, I buy wine based on what I eat ... I pay attention to the combination and obviously, as I said in the previous answer, I try to enhance small businesses (companies) with an excellent quality / price ratio"

Winetelling 🍾🍇🍷

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Venice, Italy 📍 🇮🇹

"Personally it depends on where I go, understanding the target of the wines I find and the staff I like to rely on for advice! "


Valentina - The Winey Soul🥂

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"Having the good fortune of having some experience and knowledge of wine, the choice is mainly based on the grape variety and the region of production: I tend to choose things I know less to broaden my palate and olfactory memory. This is also true in the restaurant. , where, however, I obviously evaluate the combination with the food I ordered.

Daniele Zaccara

AIS Sommelier
Wine Lover ❤️🍷
Based in Luni (SP) 
"I choose it first of all on the basis of the region and its blend which I know less, because having a limited knowledge I like to discover new things this also happens in the restaurant if the wine list is well done."


Winemaker 🍷
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"I choose wine based on the advice of friends, family and based on what I read / see on blogs / Instagram pages related to the world of wine. It also happens that I get advice in a wine shop or restaurant. In the supermarket I buy instead by reading the label and comparing what I read to the price. "

Francesca Lisa Canu

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"Regarding the choice of wine, for personal use I choose based on my curiosity or my personal tastes. For the inevitable restaurant I choose based on the dishes that the kitchen offers, looking for solutions that are as appreciated as possible by customers."


Valentina Cozmuta

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"My choice of wine marries two basic concepts, subjective and objective. First of all I focus on the type of wine that best meets my taste (white, red, sparkling wine, etc.) and then consider the territory factor (in Puglia I would probably drink a Primitivo) and the price factor.

Alberto Wine Lover

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One factor predominatesnte is the quality, by now I know many companies so I know what to choose. My choice is generally motivated by several factors to which the combination but often also by the occasion or by the company

Wine Discover

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The offer is incredibly growing, and on the one hand it is a great added value, because new interesting products are being discovered that deserve to be discovered; on the other hand, the consumer goes haywire, and it is inevitable ...
We at Wine Discover try to enhance the wines of the territory, the "terroir" ... which almost always does not disappoint expectations. In addition, beyond the companies that have made Italian wine great, which are practically a certainty, we love small producers who know how to produce fantastic DOC and DOCG wines ... and we wink at organic and biodynamic wines.

Carla Benvenuto • 🅳🅴🅲🅰🅽🆃🅰🅽🅳🅾

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As for the choice of wine, I rely on several factors. First of all, curiosity: if there is something I want to try, taste, taste, maybe compare with other products, or make a particular combination. Then I try to find out about the winery that produces the wine I want to take, and I rely on companies that do not have large productions, but I like to discover goodies of small companies and reward them. Maybe even asking for advice from friends or who knows more than me. Then I am also driven by personal taste, especially in the restaurant. I sift through the paper I go over what I know, I like, and maybe it goes well with what I have taken. However, I always try to make thoughtful and conscious choices, never randomly or instinctively. And I like it when I can always get the wine directly from the cellar, after visiting a company.


In collecting the results of this small market analysis, we noticed some broad trends that confirm some trends in the sector. Those we have involved, whom we thank, choose on the basis of:

  • territory
  • advice from friends or experts
  • discovery and novelty
  • food in combination
  • quality

How do you choose the wine?


People drink less - 26% lower volumes than twenty years ago - but practically everyone does it and in a more responsible way: the average is 2-4 glasses per week, consumed mainly at home (67%) in particular by baby boomers (55-73 years old, 93%), but the share of all generations is significant, with millennials (18-38 years old) already showing a penetration rate of 84%. Data on the rise both at home and away from home. We drink less, therefore, but the wine market holds and produces a consumer value which, according to the analysis, is estimated by the Observatory at € 14.3 billion (2018 data)
WHAT ITALIANS DRINK. The survey conducted by The Vinitaly Observatory - Nomisma Wine Monitor outlines the behavior of Italians: red wine remains the favorite on the table, but other products make room for themselves depending on the area, consumption habits and occasion.
In half of the cases, those who drink red do so at least 2-3 times a week, while for other types of wine the consumption is more episodic, especially when away from home. In metropolitan cities, where the penetration rate is equal to or slightly higher than the Italian average (91% in Naples compared to 88% in Italy) and the average age of consumers is lowered, Rome drinks much more white wine than the Italian average (25 % vs 18%) while in Naples the reds dominate in preferences and in Milan the sparkling wine shows consumption peaks well above the average, as well as the rosés in the Milanese and Neapolitan capitals.

Young people return to wine. This seems to be the message, also for 2019, of the ISTAT report on wine consumption in Italy. In 2019, the portion of 18-19 year-olds who drank wine at least once grew to its all-time high, 37% of the cohort, while the 16-17 year-olds penetration fell, from 19% to 17% (but on a historical series much more volatile). We are also at an all-time high for the 20-24 year olds (49%) while all the other categories hold the positions of 2018. The post also contains the regional “cut” of the data, which shows the strong progress of consumption penetration in the islands (Sicily and Sardinia) and very positive data also for Piedmont and Lombardy, among the important regions. The Italian region where there are more drinkers in relation to the population? Emilia-Romagna, with 61%, while Sicily remains at the bottom of the list (while improving) with 45%. 

penetrazione consumo di vino per regione

How do you choose wine at the restaurant? from our blog

I don't like fake restaurants. In Milan there are a series mostly related to fish. You know the ones where you have chair covers and strong air conditioning, and the waiter doesn't know what he's serving you.
But there is Ginger, our Jack Russell. We always make friends with him at the adjacent tables. One evening we meet two Canadian tourists. They order a red wine from Urbino and raw fish.
We start talking about wine and she asks me "which is the best Italian wine, what should I drink before leaving?
Hard question.
Adds .. I only like red wine.
I ask her if she likes coffee and how she drinks it, if she likes lemon, chocolate and berries.
He replies that he drinks sugared coffee, loves dark chocolate and berries, not lemon.
For me it must try a Barolo Monvigliero, I tell you.
So I asked myself: yes, but how do i order wine at the restaurant?
For me it is a propitiatory rite. I look at the menu in a hurry and choose. While studying the wine list.
I looked for some ideas and I want to share them. Tell me what you think.
  1.  Order your food first. It seems trivial, but I see customers who order wine before the dishes. Often the mistake is made by the waiter himself, who immediately asks you what wine you want. My answer is firm "it depends on what I eat". Here some notions of pairing are fundamental, but be creative don't stop at the usual things. Try a bubble for the whole meal, a cold red or with fish. Experiment and have fun these are the watchwords.
  2. If there is a sommelier, do not be shy. Let us explain the alternatives and choose with him. Try to fully explain what you and your diners would like.
  3. Glass or bottle? If you are not alone, certainly choose the bottle, in order to have a greater choice of wines (wines by the glass are only a small part of the cellar) and to spend proportionally less.
  4. Price level The bottle with the higher price is not always the best. In addition, restaurants often apply higher margins on entry level bottles. Then choose around the fourth or fifth price, from the lowest. You will be sure not to pay too much and have a medium to high quality.
  5. Accompaniment and ascent Wine accompanies you throughout the meal. Start slowly, like in the mountains and go up. Up grades, structures, but always in a harmonious way with respect to the dishes you have ordered. Enjoy the moment of every single step and change the glass.
  6. Share after your choice In my opinion, only one diner chooses wine for the whole meal. Not out of self-centeredness, rather to create a path. A bit like in China, where food is also a medicine and the one who orders, just one, looks for the best way to make diners feel good, who during and after dinner show their appreciation, not so much on food , but about the choice and the order in which they were presented. So choose or let them choose and then involve your guests in the tasting.
  7. The vine is not a guarantee I don't like definitive judgments. I don't like young wine, I don't like sweet wine, I don't like wines from southern Italy ... This I often hear. Often some wine lists do not even mention the producer and therefore it is evident that it is necessary to choose based on the grape variety, I always choose local wines and grape varieties.
To conclude, enjoy your choice, experiment, choose or let the diners choose. This way you will be sure to amaze yourself. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. But everyone chooses the wrong wine.
And how do you choose the wine at the restaurant?

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