Why GeMiTo? Why Genoa.

Why GeMiTo? Why Genoa.

As I told you at the age of 50, I decided to cultivate and share my passion for the taste of the products of my territory, of what I know: Genoa, Milan and Turin.
Why Genoa?
Pruning and the wine technique arrived in Liguria from Greece in the sixth century BC. So Genoa sits by right among the wine capitals.
But if you think about it, ITALY IS WINE, because Catholicism identifies wine as the blood of Christ, so WE ARE WINE.
Wine is religion and has always been linked to prosperity and fecundity. Christianity makes it a ritual, but there are other great cults that use it.
I like wine because it has three great characteristics

  • It is a prized product of the earth
  • It is a product that is experienced firsthand by those who produce it (sincere?)
  • It is done with commitment and effort. 

But let's go back to Genoa.
I have known Genoa since I was a child, first the land than the sea. Because Liguria is on the sea but people, cuisine and traditions are very much tied to the land.
Every summer with Manuela in recent years on the 15th of August we take the bus to the square in Santa Margherita Ligure to go to the "sparata" of San Lorenzo. Here the sacred of the feast of the patron saint of the town mixes with the fatigue of the bearers of very heavy crosses (even a black Christ) and with the eyes of children for fireworks.
The smell of incense with that of thick focaccia then the sweat and sulfur.
The smell drives my life.
Liguria is long and narrow. The focaccia in Sanremo becomes Sardenaira while in Spezia it becomes farinata. 
In Liguria, wine is grown with difficulty on terraces overlooking the sea which give it a unique flavor.
Anchovy is the queen of seafood. I remember, as a child, the voices of women carrying heavy carts called customers screaming "Aaaanciue, anciue de Monterosso."
The Ligurian is industrious, versatile, sincere introvert like wine.
But the Genoese in particular is famous for his grumbling. For this he needs a consolation. And as Baudelaire said without wine, without love and without freedom, life is sad.

For this GeMiTo is Genoa.
In the next post why Milan.

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