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Why GeMiTo? Because yes!

by Giovanni Cecchini | | | 0 Comments

GeMiTo was born after a period of no

Gemito was born as a GeMiTo of pleasure aimed at pursuing my dreams to share emotions of taste

I learned to cook during university in Pavia out of necessity but I found a passion in it. But I had started early to use my nose rather than my hands, smell rather than touch. 
After high school I had learned about international cuisine thanks to my aunt in San Francisco who involved me in Mexican or Chinese preparations and introduced me to the world of spicy and those travels in the spices of the world had opened the world to me. She cooked in this huge kitchen full of books and pepper: a real dream. 
From that moment on, in the small kitchen in Pavia, I prepared some dishes, mostly with what I had in the fridge, but with some success among friends. 
During university I lived with my sister Alessandra to whom I owe my passion for wine. Thanks to her, years later, I also had the opportunity to taste the great Italian wines. 
After graduating, I got absorbed in my work in energy marketing, but the dream of taste never left me.

I have done many jobs in my life, I have also taken great satisfactions: I set up a startup with a fantastic group of people who had great success and then at 40 I became an executive and marketing manager of a large company. 
In recent times I have experienced a phase full of no, as I told you.
The areas are those of all of us: family, health, work. 
Love is my lifeline and luckily it works with Manuela. 
I don't involve you in the family environment. Too personal perhaps. But on the business one!
In the last year, after not very satisfying work experiences, especially from a human point of view, I began the search for a new professional opportunity. 
I did some math: I sent about 300 resumes, I made 200 applications on LinkedIn on profiles compatible with mine, 400 on profiles, let's say not exactly compatible. Reduced: in all I did 4 interviews. Only one person replied and told me that he would be moving the recruitment to a later period. 
In the meantime I was studying ..... Cloud computing programming, management systems, scrum and Agile framework, social marketing and ukulele ... yes I'm 1.94 tall and I play the ukulele.
But at that point I too had begun to say no. And this weighed on me. 
There were too many no's.

So I decided to say yes 
I decided to say yes to my dreams 
yes to my attitudes 
yes to a style of work that enhances my characteristics and my professional and human attitudes.

That evening I told her

"enough. I've decided I'm a manager, a taste manager"

Manuela looked at me in amazement, thinking I had drunk one grappa too many. 

I want to do the job I like, I tell you.

In recent years, I have little sleep and I have decided to play a game that helps me solve problems and pass the time. I ask myself a question during the note one and the next morning I give myself the answer.

That night the question was

But 50 years can you afford it can you afford to change your life completely?

the next morning the answer was a further question "But 50 years I can afford to wait for someone to say yes to me the next day.".

So I decided to go ahead but the next night the question was

so is GeMiTo a fallback?

no was the very simple answer is satisfaction is contentment.

So I decided I had to follow some guidelines for the project:

  • start slowly
  • make a plan
  • be honest 
  • listen
  • just no. 

Thus was born GeMiTo. This is the reason why GeMiTo was born: to give space to my attitudes, to enhance the products of my territory, to work better to share emotions with you through taste.

In the next posts I'll explain why the name Gemito and why genoa-milan-turin

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