Ruche ’, Ruche’ and again Ruche ’

Castagnole Monferrato gray sky with sunny flashes that gives life to a breathtaking landscape. The town is empty and it is time for great mass and then the Ruche 'celebration is a great celebration at "Tenuta la Mercantile", a building dating back to the mid-1700s of the Piedmontese rural nobility (the Rogeri). We enter the park when it opens and someone comes out with a "sure shot" already with the tills while we start the real one from the "vineyards of the parish priest" of Ferraris. The parish priest arrived in Castagnole and in addition to the church he found abandoned vineyards, Don Giacomo, son of a peasant family in the Roero area, could not bear it, he revived them by creating an important, fragrant and characterful wine. Then we meet Tommaso Bosco as young, enthusiastic and fresh as the wine he produces on his three hectares. He decides to harvest the grapes a little earlier than usual and finds a unique balance of flowers. 

We allow ourselves a "gastropausa", a round of applause for the taglierini with roast sauce with Ruche 'from Proloco Valenzani and the trio of Monferrini appetizers from Miraja.
After an inevitable taste from Gatti, the story of Amelio Livio who works with his family, 4 women who carry on the tradition by innovating, captures us. his Ruche 'is sincere, good from Sunday in company.
Agnese Agnolotti

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