The elegant walrus loves wine, the Beatles, lukulele and beauty in all its forms. He can't stand the ordinary without verve but he appreciates simplicity, he's grumpy and grunts but if you hand him a glass he'll give you another.
You can find it in a country market that speaks with the knowledge of the harvest and eats freshly picked raw peas, have you ever tried them with salami from varzi, a young pecorino and a glass of pigato? An unexpected and enjoyable meal at Elegant Walrus. 
I met him on a midsummer evening while he was busy choosing a place for dinner, a ritual that is repeated to find new places and capture new stories or to try again the food of the heart.
One of his characteristics is the superfine palate: he captures imperceptible nuances that when he shares make you change your opinion, he is demanding and if he meets sloppy cooks or "eats badly" he gets mad and remains taciturn for hours. 
As soon as we can take the gastro-eno-landscape escape, we start by indicating a north, south, west, east direction always forward (the elegant does not like to go back) towards the goal that we immediately recognize from a vibration that makes us stop the car. 
The advice of the Elegant Walrus is particular and not taken for granted, far and timeless.
Among his favorite wines: 
Wines: Ruchè, normal and superior Barbera, Lugana, bianchetta, Nebbiolo .... 
Food: everything cooked with care and love. 
Soundtrack: Strawberry fields forever, while my guitar gently weeps. 
A. Agnolotti

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