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Canale dei Molini

"Canale dei Molini" combines products strongly linked to tradition but at the same time projected to meet international taste: wines that are interpreters of that double identity - very specific but at the same time open as befits a land of passage - which makes so much special, not to say unique, the territory of which they are children.

Founded on the banks of the Santerno river in the distant 82 BC. with the name of Cornelii Forum, Imola is today an important urban reality that is part of the metropolitan district of the city of Bologna.

An important economic and agricultural center for many centuries, Imola has had the opportunity to develop a very well-defined and rooted city identity, so much so that today, to bind it to Bologna, we can well say that they are purely administrative bonds. One of the determining factors in the development of such a strong cultural personality by this city was undoubtedly its location border between Emilia and Romagna, so much so that there are those who argue that the small dash that unites / separates the names of the two sub-regions is precisely ...Imola! A hinge between two territories, between two cultures, a land where history has left its mark ..

... and speaking of geography and history, here is something else that makes Imola a truly unique city: a map.

This map was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci during his stay in 1502: the Tuscan genius had been summoned here by Cesare Borgia as a military engineer, and as such he was commissioned to design a map of the city to inspect the defenses of the Sforzesco castle. What resulted was none other than the first zenith geographical map as well as the oldest example of an urban plan that has reached the present day.

The drawing shows the streets, the neighborhoods, the buildings of the city, reported with an accuracy of proportions that for the time could truly be considered revolutionary, so much so that even the contemporary observer cannot fail to be struck by the extraordinary ease with which they can be still recognize some parts of the city and the surrounding area.

For this reason, Leonardo's map was the starting point for the search for the name for a line of wines produced in Imola and in full respect of the wine making traditions of the area. What we were looking for was a name capable of evoking the strong link between this territory and its history, something that had remained substantially unchanged over the centuries just like the vineyards that line the Imola landscape, a symbol that could embody our homage to this city.

And there it is, silently lying on the plain, the Canale dei Molini, an extraordinary work of hydraulic engineering that from the Middle Ages has plowed through the countryside surrounding the city for 42 kilometers, bringing life to the numerous crops that rise on its banks.

The canal owes its name to the 24 mills that until the beginning of the last century drew energy from the flow of its waters: beyond the irrigation function, in the past the canal has in fact played a role of primary importance in the development of the industrial sector. of this area, supplying energy to those first ceramic production plants whose development generated the fame that Imola enjoys today at an international level.

As in an ideal parallel development, the first wine of the line took its name from the point of origin of the Canale dei Molini, the Closed, from which, about 9 km upstream of Imola, the course of the Santerno river is partially deviated to be introduced into the artificial hollow of the canal.

The marvelous historical and structural articulation of the Imola water complex leaves more than ever the way to the imagination for the next developments of the line, which however, in addition to the homage to the winemaking tradition of the territory, already sets a second, important goal for the future: together with the defense of an important chapter of the city's history, the Canale dei Molini wants to pay particular attention to the safeguarding the territory, aiming at increasing the value of virtuous and healthy cultivation and winemaking techniques.

For this reason, a significant turning point is already in the pipeline for the Canale dei Molini project green addressed with decision to organic sector.


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