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  Tenuta San Mauro: an ancient family tradition

silvia piaggi elisa piaggi azienda agricola enzo piaggi lefiole viniSilvia and Elisa are LeFiole (the girls) and their story comes from two bottles found in a trunk.

Theirs is a fascinating one and takes place on a Sunday in July 2016 and has to do with two bottles found in a trunk in the grandfather Guglielmo's farmhouse in Montalto Pavese. The two bottles were from the vintage in which they were born.

Two girls and two wines

They could only start with two wines, made with the grapes that Papa continues to cultivate and harvest, season after season, in their 12 hectares of vineyards.

I'm a Pinot Grigio it's a pinot noirElivia is Alene, names that come from the fusion of our names and that of the parents' names, Angela and Enzo

They got help from the oenologist Guido Beltrami, to which they asked to combine past experience with modern production techniques to obtain wines that best reflected the characteristics of the territory.