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GeMiTo cellars: Cantina Scolari

GeMiTo Cantine: cantina Scolari

The story of Scolari, begins from afar, precisely in the eleventh century, when Paolo Scolari was elected pontiff. Among his most illustrious exponents is the figure of a leader of the emperor Sigismund, governor of Serbia in 1426, from which descended that branch which then moved to Bresciano where he owned the fiefdom "de Scolaris".

But Cantine Scolari boasts a long history also in the world of wine thanks to the passion and foresight of the founder, Pietro Scolari, who in the 1929 production and marketing began: it became a reference in the Valtenesi area. also thanks to the work of Peter's children and grandchildren.

Today, Cantine Scolari is deeply renewed, while respecting the long tradition, thanks to the enthusiasm of the Erian winery that with its own Bottenago winery has redesigned the essence of Cantine Scolari: the love and passion in the care of the vineyard, in the grape harvest and the patient waiting for the wine to mature, outline the personality of each bottle.

GeMiTo cantine: Cantina Scolari

A happy association between the most modern technologies, the entrepreneurial passion in the wine world and respect for the land and its rhythms.
The project is to go beyond the traditional concept of cellar so that Cantine Scolari becomes a welcoming and tasting space but also a breeding ground for innovative ideas.