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GeMiTo cellars: Podere dei Folli

The vines and olive groves are located between Lake Lucone in Polpenazze del Garda and the lakes of Sovenigo in Puegnago del Garda, a green and unspoiled area.
It is one of the places still far from mass tourism and is truly enchanting.
The operational headquarters of the company is located in Puegnago del Garda (fraz. Mura) a characteristic village on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, located on the morainic hills of Valtenesi, known regionally for its typical local products including: wine and oil.
The farm is expanding and constantly engaged in a daily process of improvement with the sole purpose of offering only and always products that are qualitatively above average. The quality of wines and all our other organic products is guaranteed by new and well-kept systems in the field, by the use of cutting-edge solutions and techniques that allow
to obtain first of all healthy and high quality products, certified by the BIO DOP marks issued by specific certifying bodies (CCPB s.r.l. of Bologna).

Bioagricola company

Can a farm that has been producing wines for 4 generations be considered young? Yes, only if it manages to respect traditions and the territory in the search for excellence also made up of experiments and innovations. 

This is The Podere dei Folli, this is our challenge. It began in the early 1900s by his great-grandfather Pietro, first carried out by his grandfather Andrea and then by his father Eligio and today carried out by Davide, with the collaboration of his brother Marco.

A challenge that a young organic farm tries to win by seeking excellence in each of our products, in every glass, in every sip. They seek it every day, only and always with full respect for nature and the territory.

They love the job. They love to produce genuine, pleasant and elegant wines that are appreciated all over the world. And when a job is done with love and passion, the difference can be seen. And you feel it.