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SIGN IN HERE, CHOOSE PLAN based on how much you want to spend and your level of knowledge of wine and DURATION: from a single month to try the service or for a gift on the quarterly, half-yearly and annual plan. GET HOME AT THE OFFICE the smart box of 6 bottles .. Italy wine box 


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SMART BOX is ideal for those who want to enjoy the taste of drinking fine wine every month without having to choose.

The bottles come from the best Italian vines and are selected by us from small cellars.


Smart boxes allow you to try 6 different wines every month. You choose whether you want them all red, all white or you want them both. We select indigenous vines from small wineries, and test each product.


With subscriptions you have the opportunity to access quality wines and save up to 50%. In addition, the SHIPPING is always FREE and you have no obligation: you can cancel whenever you want.


Your wine club. By purchasing a subscription you enter THE WINE SPOT and you can participate in events, with prestigious partners, and live and social tastings. You can also share opinions, reviews and reviews on wines.


Small steps that count: We offer you products from our area and bring them directly to the manufacturer, at zero km. Furthermore, by aggregating the purchases we decrease transport.

Try the service immediately buy the SMART BOX LEVEL 1

This package is designed for those who start their journey into the world of wine, and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the taste of drinking fine wine every month without having to choose. Through this PLAN, we will be able to train your palate to understand wine.



Duration and prices

Choose the subscription that meets your needs

    • 1 MONTH
    • 6 Bottles
    • Cards Wines
    • 6 Labels
    • Pairings
    • starting from

      € 55

    • 3 months
    • 18 Bottles
    • 1 Upgrade to the upper floor
    • Cards Wines
    • 18 Labels
    • Pairings
    • starting from

      € 151

    • 6 MONTHS
    • 36 Bottles
    • 2 Upgrade to the upper floor
    • Cards Wines
    • 36 Labels
    • Pairings
    • starting from

      € 280

    • 12 months
    • 72 Bottles
    • 1 month free
    • Cards Wines
    • 72 Labels
    • Pairings
    • starting from

      € 490


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