magnums: size matters

The Magnums

Magnum wines are more good, make a scene for a nice gift and keep the wine market (they are an excellent investment). But why is the belief that Magnums are better? Phy oxygen contained in the bottle is lower and therefore the wine matures more slowly and this creates more freshness, finesse and complexity of aromas.

Discover here the selection of our Magnums and what our customers think.

Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo 2015 magnum: Wow what a wine! 

€40 €35

Excellent, mineral and rich in aromas that vary during the tasting: first the fresh thefts then pepper leather and vanilla. I found it at levels of a Barolo with these balanced tannins.

- Arturo F.

Alario Barolo Sorano 2014 

magnum: master of tannin.

€70 €60

Big in every sense: the bottle makes the difference, but then it is big in the perfumes, in its profundity, in its being fresh and balsamic at the same time. Best Barolo 2014, which is true, was not the best vintage, but in suffering, it gave birth to a jewel.

- Marzia G.

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