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The market says yes to Italians who but where to buy wine online

Wine ecommerce continues to show important growth rates and there are 3-4 Italian companies that we can consider the key players: Tannico is the undisputed leader, with positions earned also thanks to the strong investments he has benefited in the past, with a turnover now close to 15 million but still with a loss-making balance. Then there are Italian Wine Brands, which continues the migration of its business from telephone sales to online sales, with around 12 million sales (we do not know the margins being a small business integrated into a much larger reality), and Xtrawine which has its corporate structure was reviewed in 2018. The latter had a turnover of around 7 million euros, including the contribution of the Hong Kong business, and remains among the companies that

where to buy wine online, the world's leading operator of online wines for seven consecutive years according to Internet Retailer magazine, has announced that their sales in the fiscal year ending March 31 were $ 56 million. is based in San Francisco and offers the largest selection of wines in the world. sells over 2 million bottles per year, with a stock of over 17,000 different bottles of wine, shipping across the United States.



As a counterpoint, Lot18, perhaps the first "flash" wine sales site, is at the rate of $ 25 million in their first year of operation.

Some estimates indicate that the sales category of "flash" wines alone represents $ 100 million in sales. This rising tide is doing very well for the future of online wine retailing and numerous proverbial vessels will be raised over time.

Many of these boats will emerge from niches that offer a personal touch. Despite the big online wine retailers and flash sites, the following is my eight list of the most compelling niche wine sites (read: neither the biggest nor the cheapest, but especially with a personal touch) to buy this fall and on these holidays, the boys (and girls) will likely benefit from the growth of online wine sal

What's nice: using a proprietary process, bottles and sells sample-sized wine from renowned cellars in 50ml bottles, about the size of a spill in a cellar tasting room. While this alone is new, the real advantage is that consumers have the opportunity to purchase mixed sample packs to try different different wines at home, as they please. Part of becoming a certified nut is the desire to taste wine rather than drink wine, satisfying an inveterate curiosity. allows you to do exactly that, at extremely reasonable prices.

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